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« Each episode unveils the mindsets, tactics and insights of great minds in business, innovation, creativity and leadership. »
- Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen, Host of the Sparkr Podcast
Sparkr Podcast über Leadership, Technologie, Innovation, Wirtschaft, Kreativität

Episode Guide


#12 Künstliche Intelligenz und die Folgen für Mensch, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft mit Thomas Ramge (Deutsch)


#11 Jean-Claude Biver über wahren Erfolg, echten Luxus und was wir von Hippies lernen können (Deutsch)


#10 Executive Briefing on 5G - Why It Will Change Everything and Why You Should Know about It (English)


#9 Ian Charles Stewart - WIRED Magazine Co-Founder, entrepreneur and life-long learner - about technology, the next economy, management, learning and living in China (English)


#8 Horacio "Chacho" Puebla - Chief Creative Director of a globally leading advertising agency - about creativity and how to hire, build and enable creative teams (English)


#7 Jennifer Greenwood - long time marketing expert from Apple and now Stanford - talks about the power of storytelling (English)

Sparkr Podcast Quote Jennifer Turn Ideas Into Stories


#6 Florian Schweitzer (founder of one of Europe's largest venture capital firms 'b-to-v') about why every business is people business - the importance of listening, being present, intuition, passion, trust and relationships. (English)

Sparkr Podcast Quote Florian Ideal Entrepreneur


#5 Dr. Bernhard Lingens from Helvetia Innovation Lab and University St. Gallen about how ecosystems change business (English)

Sparkr Podcast Quote Bernhard Ecosystems


#4 Daniel Gutenberg - successful unicorn investor - about his way of assessing opportunities and risks (English)

Sparkr Podcast Quote Daniel Gutenberg Magnitudes


#3 Lukas Peter from Swisscom about what (Swiss) SME can learn from Silicon Valley (text: English, audio: German)

Silicon Valley TV Show by HBO


#2 Timo Pelz from Facebook about the importance of corporate culture (English)


#1 Ottmar Hitzfeld about leadership (German)

Sparkr Podcast Quote Ottmar Hitzfeld Glaubwürdigkeit



#X Shailesh Prakash - CTO of the Washington Post - about how to transform a traditional industry into the digital future and how to manage change in organizations (English)

#X Prof. Pamela Hinds from Stanford talks about the future of work (English)


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