Strategy and Project Leadership

Sparkr contributes to your future fitness by leading innovation projects and by providing customized studies or conducting workshops.

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Sparkr establishes and manages powerful ecosystems connecting key players form various disciplines that build your future.

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Sparring Sessions and Coaching

Sparkr offers sparring sessions to leaders who want to explore their visions and critically and independently reflect on trends and strategies.

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Sparkr ensures exciting and insightful conferences, workshops and other events through engaging moderation of panel discussions or by delivering entertaining presentations.

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"Sparkr is about seeing, making sense of and creating change that adds value to the world."

About Sparkr

Adventurous ideas about the future spark our potential. So rather than predicting it, as partners we can create the future we want to live in. This is Sparkr's reason for being.

I excel when bringing ideas and people together from business, technology, science, art and philosophy to create insights and value for your ambitious goals and today's dynamic environment.

I consider myself lucky to know and work with dozens of bright and far sighted visionaries and decision makers form all aspects of business, research and society. It's this network, my expertise in connecting the dots and project leadership as well as my interdisciplinary academic background in sociology, economics, philosophy and my entrepreneurial spirit that let me spark you up.

Let's spark your future!


Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen a.k.a. The Sparkr

Sparkr Agentur Gründer Christian Lundsgaard-Hansen


Sparkr is proud to have contributed its future competencies to several projects. Check out some references.

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Blog and Podcast

Check out Spark's blog with carefully curated articles and other media about the future of technology and society. And listen to insightful conversations with leaders and visionaries.

Let's Spark You Up

Sparkr is eager to learn how its future competencies can help your mission. Let's get in touch.