Use Change to Your Advantage

Organizations have the power to achieve great things if they recognize, critically analyse and embrace change. Most importantly organizations need to assess early on where to take action - and where not - as well as cultivate the ability to adapt.


Sparkr's Contribution

  • Project leadership
  • Strategy and vision development
  • Studies and workshops

Sparkr contributes its future competence and assists organizations in the process of vision building, challenging and establishing strategies, leading projects and facilitating cultural and mental future fitness.

With its cross industry future competencies and knowledge network Sparkr explores, ignites and assists in realizing your organizations potential by providing customized studies, conducting workshops, advising or leading projects and inspiring employees.




Urban Planning and Digital Transformation

Sparkr was commissioned by the Urban Planning Office of Berne to write a working paper and develop scenarios on how the digital transformation might change urban planning.

The working paper served as an impulse for a workshop with selected decision-makers from the City of Bern. The findings from the workshop were recorded in a Sparkr results and evaluation report and made available to the management as a basis for decision-making.

Here you can read an excerpt from the working paper in German.

Check out more references here.

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