Schools Raise the Future

Schools are where the future is raised. It is crucial for society to have well informed and skilled citizens. Yet it is difficult for educational insitutions to keep up with and convey technological change and what the future holds for us as a consequence.


Sparkr's Contribution

  • Leadership of innovation related education projects
  • Co-development of courses
  • Talks and presentations at schools and universities

Sparkr provides schools and other institutions in the education system with its future competence and mediacy to educate children and inform educators.

Sparkr coherently translates and conveys state of the art insights from fields such as artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies as well as technology related social shifts with high impact on every day life.

Sparkr ignites curiosity, enables children to make well founded personal career and life choices as well as elaborated social and political decisions as citizens in a world that becomes increasingly complex and technology driven. Educators are advised in future competency and assisted in related institutional change.



Co-Head of Leadership Program for PH Bern

School Directors Interact with Digital Transformation and Innovation Methods

In partnership with educational college PH Bern Sparkr has developed a leadership course for school directors and other professionals from the education sector.

In this course participants interact with concepts and companies that shape the digital transformation and learn to apply innovation methods such as "Design Thinking". Exciting impulses are transferred from business into the education context on which participants can reflect.

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Let's Spark You Up

Assisting schools in their educational mission is deeply rooted in Sparkr's DNA. How can Spark help you?